Friday, 10 June 2011

Welcome to the Eddy Pool!

Whether while walking, sitting, working or simply staring off into space, I often find myself pondering the events of my world.  I ask myself about life, death or something I just saw in a Twilight Zone episode; each answer seeming to further define who I am.  To call these hundreds of debates a stream of consciousness would be a gross understatement.  I have often regretted not taking note of my answers for fear that I will no longer remember who exactly I am once Alzheimer's sets in, as I am relatively young this is irrational, but a fear nonetheless.  In days to come this blog will fill with brief notes on the highlights my world.  Perhaps you will like it, perhaps you wont, regardless, by the time this is finished I will have an excellent guide to who I am or just some paper with which to wipe the drool from the corners of my mouth (depending on which unfavourable symptom of old age sets in first).
n. pl. ed·dies
1   a : a current of water or air running contrary to the main current; especially : a circular current
     b : something moving similarly
2      : a contrary or circular current (as of thought or policy)
Stolen from Merriam-Webster


  1. Good stuff. Looking forward to see what you bring out, I'm following.

  2. Aaah it would be horrible to have Alzheimer's. It's definitely a fear of mine too.